Sumikkogurashi Tonkatsu and Ebi Sandwich 6in Small Plush

Sumikkogurashi Tonkatsu and Ebi Sandwich 6in Small Plush

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Who is Ebifurai No Shippo?

Ebifurai is a leftover piece of fried shrimp that was no longer wanted and considered uneatable. This little tail is determined to tell everyone and enforcing the message of "finish your meal" so others don't face the same fate.

Tonkatsu and Ebi make a dellicious looking sandwich together, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as they do.

Who is Tonkatsu? 

Tonkatsu is a greasy leftover piece of pork cutlet. Tonkatsu works desperately to convince people he is a piece of edible food. To do this, he often adds condiments like ketchup and soy sauce on himself. Sumikkogurashi (すみっコぐらし Sumikko Gurashi) are the characters living a quiet and solitary life in a corner. They might be able to settle down when in their corners, but they don't like being in the center of the room. Whenever taken to the center of a room, they always rush back to a corner.

Small parts, recommended ages 3+

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