Red Original Rody Pony

Red Original Rody Pony

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The world famous Rody horse is the best hop-on animal in the market. The Rody character, now loved by children across the world, was created in 1984 by the Italian company, Ledraplastic 'Gymnic'. Designers working on the concept wanted to create the ultimate play and bounce experience for children while providing the highest standard of safety. The rounded shape, designed by a merging of spheres, ensures ultimate bounce and safety. Its unique design results in the center being contoured, allowing a naturally balanced and comfortable seat for the rider. A child’s natural instinct is to gravitate to an area that allows them to sit so their legs are able to hold on and reach the ground.

Rody’s contoured body allows children of various heights to center themselves for safe fun playtime. Many competitor’s items lack this natural saddle, resulting in the child sliding their weight to the front near the neck where the toy could become unstable.


Recommended ages 3+

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