Rainbow Twirler Magic Bubble Toy

Rainbow Twirler Magic Bubble Toy

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A Kappa Toys classic - beloved by babies, cats, and drunk people!

Made TikTok famous by W Magazine celebrity interviews. 

Do you need a "beautiful things without a purpose" as Cate Blanchett would say?

“There’s something so innocent and pure about it, you just want to protect it” Mia Goth 

“It’s giving me jellyfish meets balloon…now it’s giving octopus” Teyanna Taylor 

“Remarkably hypnotizing” Austin Butler 

Celebrities have named it...

"Mary" Cate Blanchett

"Shrommy"  Zac Efron 

"Beezelbub" Ryan Gosling 

"Haesbich" Which is Korean for sunlight - Justin Minn 

We call it the Rainbow Magic Bubble Toy 

Wand measures approximately 8 inches tall.  

Recommended ages 6+

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