Metal Earth Batman 1989 Batwing

Metal Earth Batman 1989 Batwing

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The Batwing was Batman's custom-built air combat vehicle. The craft was fully armed with miniguns and missiles. It is unknown where the vehicle was stored, but it was presumably kept somewhere near the grounds of Wayne Manor or in the Batcave. Although the notion of Batman possessing and flying a Bat-themed aircraft has been around in comics since 1939, the Batman 1989 film first introduced the classification of "Batwing". The movie's Batwing was also the first of any Bat-aircraft to be physically shaped after the bat-emblem to such a degree.
Number Of Sheets : 2 Sheets
Difficulty : Challenging
Assembled Size : 3.31"L x 2.76"W x 1.69"H (8.4 x 7 x 4.3 cm)

Ages : 14+

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