Chairoikoguma (Kogumachan) San-X Original Mochi Cushion Plush 14in

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Looking for a nap buddy?  Chairoikoguma won't bite!

Soft plush mochi cushion - this one is BEAR-Y comfy!!  Perfect for naps, relaxing video game sessions, or just lounging around your room and being cute!

Korilakkuma met Chairoikoguma while on vacation with Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori in the "Honey Forest". It has a bushy chest and when it opens it's mouth reveals fangs! It has bear prints on the soles of each foot and its body smells like sweet honey. Chairoikoguma, (or Kogumachan) is usually seen walking on all fours, even if he can stand up straight like his partners.



Recommended ages 3+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review