Kappa Toys + Cloutea Surprise Egg Party

Kappa Toys + Cloutea Surprise Egg Party

Mar 21, 2024 · Blind Box · kappa toys · las vegas · toys

Cloutea and Kappa Toys in the Forum
Shops at Caesars Palace

Friday, March 29th, 2024, 10am - 12

What’s in the Egg?!

Grab your baskets and come join us for
an EGG-citing Egg hunt!

The Kappa Turtle has some special
surprises for you, hidden inside magical
turtle “eggs”.

Starting at 10 am, the Cloutea patio will host an assortment of surprise eggs
- what wonders will you find inside?

While you are hunting, be sure to grab an exciting custom boba tea from
your robot boba friends!

Toy Trading Party! - collectors are encouraged to bring their duplicate
surprise box toys to trade with each other, and with the Kappa Toys store
collection. Special toy trading tables will be set up onsite!

Then head upstairs to Kappa Toys to spin the prize wheel with any instore
purchase of $10 or more.

Meet the Kappa Turtle! Turtle will be on hand for photos and high-fives!

Special edition coloring sheets will be available for on site artists of all ages!

*No reselling allowed at the event. Have fun and be cool!

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