About Us





That is where it all begins. When you walk in the door (or open the box), no matter how old you are, toys should inspire “wow”.

Kappa Toys was created to bring that traditional toy store wow to as many customers as possible.

Kappa Toys is a design-minded toy store, with a wide selection of never before seen oddities combined with a carefully curated selection of nostalgic classics. Kids and adults can spend hours discovering the toys of yesterday interspersed with playthings from Japan and beyond.

Since 2006, Lizzy Newsome and Trevor Yopp have dedicated their careers to changing the toy industry from within. Crafting an experience that resonates across generations, combining the significant toys from the past with the new icons coming from pop culture has become their shared vision. Trevor spends his time outside the store as an artist. Lizzy writes about pop culture, and small business startups. Together with Trudy, their adopted Pomeranian they are slowly mastering the fine art of play.

Kappa Toys is hoping to expand their store to reach as many guests as possible, as well as creating unique, toy-themed experiences to augment the Kappa Toys brand. Stay tuned for future updates, there is so much more to come!


Have fun out there,

~Lizzy, Trevor and Trudy