Agemaki by Haruyo Morita 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Agemaki by Haruyo Morita 1000 Piece Puzzle 

Agemaki is the courtesan in the classic kabuki play Sukeroku yukari no Edo zakura, a story of her suicide pact with her lover Sukeroku. Here Haruyo portrays her in gorgeous pose on her ornate multi-layered kimono.

About the artist: Haruyo Morita (森田 春代, Morita Haruyo) is a Japanese artist born in Kita-Katsushika District, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture in 1945. She worked as a kimono painter until 1972. Her primary art subjects are women in beautiful kimonos and idyllic settings.


Finished Size: 19.25 inches by 26.5 inches

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