13 Dead End Drive Thirteen Board Game

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13 Dead End Drive is full of traps and surprises. Aunt Agatha has passed away with no surviving relatives. Now her fortune is up for grabs and all 12 of her friends and employees are waiting to see who will get it. 13 Dead End Drive will have you racing around her house, trying to stay alive as your opponents are setting traps and trying to avoid them.

The player whose portrait is hanging on the wall will be the winner of 13 Dead End Drive. Just beware, the mansion is filled with traps for the unwary - a toppling statue, a shaky chandelier, and more. You may have to spring some of these traps to "knock off" your opponents to win the game. Check out 13 Dead End Drive for a fun game filled with mystery and fun.


Recommended ages 8+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review